Autumn Colours - New York City - October 2014

Autumn Colours - New York City - October 2014

Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.
— Matthew Karsten

It's no secret I love to travel. I caught the bug when I was 17, when I first ventured overseas for 12 months living in the United States as a Rotary Exchange Student. Since then every opportunity to travel - I take.

Running my own business, there was often an element of guilt in taking time off to travel.  Will clients understand if I need to defer work, or even say no?

But I have learnt to ratify this by seeing the benefits that broadening my horizons brings to me as a designer.  

Each time I return from my sojourns, I embrace my designs with new vigour.  The exposure to new places, smells, colours, typography, architecture, art only adds to the creative process. It inspires me to create Bringing back new approaches or ideas from different parts of the world